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Innovative control technology uses mosquitos to treat habitat


In2Care Mosquito Control

We are proud to mark another first. The first in Massachusetts to complete stewardship training and use the new In2Care mosquito trap. A great innovation in mosquito control it uses the mosquito to treat water breeding sources around your property. The treated trap is an attractive place for the female to lay her eggs. As a result, the eggs in the trap never hatch.


Life cycle from Egg, Larva, Pupa, to Biting Adult Female

Mosquitoes undergo complete metamorphosis. This means they go through four distinct stages in the life cycle, egg, larva, pupa and adult. Eggs are laid in water or areas that will get wet. The eggs hatch and the larva feed on organic matter in the water. Next, the larva then pupates. Male and female mosquitoes mate soon after emerging from the pupal case. Then the female seeks a blood meal and the male feeds on plant nectar. Finally, the cycle is completed when the female lays her eggs in water or in an area that fills with water during rain events.

4 Steps to In2Care Mosquito Control Service

  1. The trap is designed and placed to be attractive to egg laying female mosquitos. These mosquitos are attracted to the dark, wet interior of the station.
  2. The female mosquito lands on the gauze inside the station floating on the water. She picks up the two different types of biocide on her legs and body. She lays eggs inside the device. The larva hatch and release pheromones that make the trap more attractive to other mosquitos. The larva are killed before they pupate.
  3. She flies out of the device carrying the slow acting biocide she picked up while laying her eggs. One biocide is working to slowly kill her.
  4. She carries the other biocide that kills larva to other egg-laying sites. That is how she contaminates other mosquito breeding sites with the biocide. These breeding sites can include a pocket in a tree, a gutter, a tire or other manmade equipment, or any water source. Those other sites may be invisible or inaccessible to pest control professionals. She kills the larva of other mosquitos at every site she lands.

Technical animation of how the In2Care trap works to kill mosquitos.

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