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Join the GreenHow Team!

Come join us! We are always looking for great people.

As a company we value:

  • Relationships with customers, team members, and vendors.
  • To strengthen those relationships we work for:
  • Fair treatment of customers, team members and vendors.

All GreenHow team members will have the highest levels of training and certification available.

In our team members we look for:

  • Strength of character
  • Smart & Hardworking individuals

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Essential Needs: Positive attitude, clean driving record, ability to pass criminal background check and drug screening. To make sure you will pass the state exam, we require a pre-hire assessment.  You will be asked to take this assessment when you apply online.

Our Industry Overview

  • Our industry will present someone with a variety of people and problems to deal with.
  • We offer a valuable service, protecting people’s property.
  • Due to the necessity of what we do we are generally recession resistant and trained capable individuals will always have work.
  • The work is not inside and not mundane.
  • Most of your days will fly by.
  • People are glad to see you.

Smart people who don’t like being in an office all day, want variety in what they do and enjoy the satisfaction of helping people, do very well in our industry. The pest control side of the business is much more interactive, seeing and communicating with customers. For those who prefer less contact with people, lawn and plant health care will have less verbal communication, but a larger emphasis on written communication with customers.

Reasons to Work Here

A Great Company

We provide training and support, both initially and ongoing. We want to recruit people from outside the industry and train them, get them licensed and give them the opportunity to have an interesting and rewarding career. If you need it to do your job, we want to make sure you have it.

Great Customers

We have great customers.  Ask anyone who works here.


You have freedom in the field to make decisions.

Rewarding Work

Protecting people’s property and making their lawns and ornamentals look great. This is what we do. It feels good to leave someone’s property after you solved an issue for them.

Great Industry

We are in a great industry if you like challenges, working at a variety of locations and environments and don’t want to be in an office. The industry is recession proof and offers growth for people who have the motivation to work hard. If our company isn’t for you, we encourage you to look at other companies in the industry.

Never Boring

A combination of routine and challenges, route work is the routine, but every season and time to a customer site is different dealing with the issues that the site, customer or property faces at the time you are there.

NOT an Office

Working outside, this is a positive and a negative. In New England, weather can be challenging sometimes, but those that hate being trapped in an office appreciate the good weather days and make the best of the bad weather days.

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Challenging, But Rewarding Work

Every job has drawbacks and challenges, we want to make sure you know what we know about them here.

  • Early mornings. If you like to sleep late, this is not a job for you.
  • Hours in the season can be long.
  • Work environment can have temperature and weather extremes (hot attics in summer, cold outsides in winter, rainy days), tight work spaces, usually are dirty like attics, basements, kneeling on the floor or ground, crawling under homes, in attics and under decks.
  • Working with materials that smell or are dusty.
  • Working with materials and environments that get you and your clothes dirty.
  • Must work Saturdays in the season.
  • Perplexing issues that occasionally seem impossible to remedy. Don’t worry, we will support you to find the solutions.
  • Occasionally (rarely) a customer can seem to show a lack of appreciation for your efforts.

Have we got your interest?  Take the next step and contact us today to discuss joining our team!