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Stinging Insects

Our structural pest control service covers most pests encountered in New England. Pest control and extermination are essential to protect your property. Your structure is simply a home for pests. Even the coldest day our area won’t kill structural pests. Our technicians are trained to find and eliminate pest problems. Greenhow training starts with our internal training on pest biology. Next, the training progresses to outside courses in integrated pest management. Finally, the training culminates in the achievement of Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE). These are the pests covered by our structural pest control services.

European hornet face
European hornet face

Pests Controlled, Managed or Exterminated

No matter how you say it – pest control, pest management or extermination, you want them gone. We deal with a variety of pest infestations that can be difficult to get rid of by yourself. Our services treat all pests from ants and cockroaches to all the way to ticks and termites.

Stinging Insects

Stinging insects including hornets, yellowjackets, and wasps. All treated as one-time services. We treat ground level and in-ground nests with protective clothing, hats and veils and elevated nests with specialized equipment like dust sticks.

All stinging insects are one time services except carpenter bee management which takes multiple treatments and customer involvement to correct conducive conditions.

Yellowjacket cruising for pavement ants
Yellowjacket cruising for pavement ants

Greenhow Pest Control

Greenhow Pest Control is locally owned and New England’s leading provider of effective, efficient and environmentally friendly pest control services. We have heard and seen nearly everything pest related.  Try us.  We offer simple standard service plans designed to give our customers great value.  Your peace of mind is important to us.  We price from a standard rate card and have simple to understand services and policies.  That means doing business with Greenhow is easy.

What services do we offer

We offer full pest control services for residential and commercial sites backed by the best guarantee in the business. Greenhow Pest Management is a comprehensive approach to pest control, which emphasizes structural, environmental, biological, and mechanical methods to prevent pest populations from developing. Service starts with constant monitoring and thorough inspections inside and outside of the structure. Then we identify and remedy pest-conducive conditions prior to an infestation. A comprehensive approach to pest control, which relies on inside and outside inspections to identify and prevent possible pest infestations.

Finally, when pesticides are needed the least toxic material. We select EPA reduced risk materials  The focus is inspection and pest control strategies to control pest populations and prevent re-infestation.  We recommend the service frequency that meets your needs to ensure constant monitoring and intervention to prevent pests.

Service Frequencies

Our regular pest control service frequencies are monthly, every other month and quarterly for residential customers. For commercial customers or multi-unit residential, we offer weekly, every other week and monthly service. We do one-time service for indoor flea and tick control and hornets, wasps and yellowjackets. Mosquito and tick control services have their own service frequencies. Outdoor mosquito is monthly through the season. Tick control is offered a variety of ways depending on tick pressure.

We service you at your property. From our office in Auburndale, Massachusetts we service most of Eastern Massachusetts from Westborough to Boston, north to Andover and east to the ocean communities of Newburyport and Manchester-by-the-Sea, south to Plymouth and west out to Mansfield and Franklin.  We service Upper Cape towns of Sandwich, Falmouth, Barnstable, and Yarmouth for termite service.  Our service area is wide for termite control. We stay closely centered around our office in Newton for lawn care. We service all or part of Essex County, Middlesex County, Suffolk County, Norfolk County, Plymouth County, Barnstable County, Bristol County, and Worcester County.

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