GreenHow Bee, Wasp, and Stinging Insect Control Services

Stinging Insect Control Services in Boston, MA

Stinging Insect Pest Control in Boston, MA

GreenHow pest experts offer bee and wasp removal, carpenter bee extermination, hornet control, and other solutions for stinging insects throughout the greater Boston metro. These stinging pests aren’t just nuisances; they can also cause structural damage and threats to people and pets.

At GreenHow, we’ll solve your stinging insect problems using safe, proven, effective treatments and materials that have a low impact on your property and the environment. Schedule service today!

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Common Stinging Pests We Manage

Boston home and business owners have frequent encounters with stinging insects. In our area, the common types of stinging pests we treat and remove include:

Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets build their nests underground and are prone to sting if disturbed. Their stings can trigger allergic reactions and are responsible for 500,000 emergency room visits each year. Removing yellow jackets from your property can be a time-consuming and difficult endeavor. A combination of professional treatments, along with making your yard less inviting, can reduce yellow jackets on your property.


Wasps are prone to stinging when irritated, which is often the case since they’re territorial creatures. They can sometimes trigger allergic reactions and aren’t afraid to attack. Many nests will naturally die off during the summer, but if you can’t wait that long or the wasps are causing issues, it’s best to consult with a professional.


The hornet’s sheer size makes it a menace to society. Their stings are brutal, and mass hornet attacks have been known to occur. However, in most cases, hornets are not dangerous. They tend to keep to themselves, so long as you’re not bothering their nests (which look like papery gray balls hanging from homes or trees).

Our Extermination & Control Solutions

GreenHow’s expert technicians take a holistic approach to solving your stinging insect problems. We recognize that the removal of a nest is the remedy required. There is no way to make your property inhospitable to them so they don’t return without impacting beneficial insects and pollinators. Rest assured, if stinging insects return, we will too.

First, we inspect the property and determine the location and size of the problem. From there, we’ll treat the property at the ground level as well as remove any nests we find. Our team is equipped with protective clothing, hats, and veils to mitigate any risk. We also treat elevated nests with specialized equipment (e.g., dust sticks) to ensure safe removal.

Treatments will vary by property and other factors. Your technician will provide you with a thorough report of our efforts and any recommendations to keep your property pest-free.

Stinging Insect Pest Management Plan

Most of our stinging insect services are one-time visits, with the exception of carpenter bee extermination. Carpenter bee management requires multiple treatments to fully eradicate the hive and seal any structures to avoid re-infestation.

Your technician will provide further information on stinging insect pest management plans, including estimated treatment timelines, follow-up visits, and prevention recommendations.

Professional Bee, Wasp & Hornet Control with GreenHow

GreenHow is your one-stop source for bee and wasp removal, hornet control, and stinging insect pest management in Boston. We service residential and commercial customers to reduce any risk to people, pets, and property.

We are a locally owned and operated family pest control company that is the only provider to achieve both the Green Shield and Green Pro certifications. All of our pest control materials are low-impact, eco-friendly, and environmentally sound, ensuring we pose no toxicity to humans or pets. Our technicians are formally trained by Purdue University in approved pest control and removal, and we stand by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

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