GreenHow Cockroach Control & Removal Services in Boston, MA

Cockroach Removal, Extermination, and Control in Boston, MA

Cockroach Control & Extermination Services in Boston, MA

GreenHow offers cockroach extermination and removal for home and business owners throughout the greater Boston area. We specialize in low-impact, environmentally friendly treatments that are safe for pets and humans. Get in touch today for a free estimate!

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Our Cockroach Extermination Plan

Our experts take a proven approach to cockroach control:

Cockroach Identification

Your technician will identify exactly what type of pest problem you have, the size of the problem, and where they’re coming from. In Boston, we see different types of cockroaches, and each one is treated a little differently.

Cockroach Inspection

Your technician will perform a thorough inspection to determine the level of cockroach activity and the extent of any damage. Structural issues such as moisture problems will need to be addressed to keep cockroaches from coming back.

Cockroach Removal

GreenHow recommends different treatments based on your unique needs. Our recommendations are designed to fully eliminate the problem and may require more than one treatment.

Treatment Follow-Up

After the final treatment, your technician will conduct a follow-up inspection to ensure the problem is eliminated. We also recommend ongoing maintenance and prevention to keep your property pest-free.

Where Do Cockroaches Hide?

Homes and businesses provide great hiding places for cockroaches. Cockroaches love damp places, especially if those places are also dark.

  • Under sinks
  • Behind refrigerators and bookcases
  • Inside cabinets
  • Near showers and toilets
  • Under beds and tables
  • In crawlspaces and basements
  • In sewers or drains
  • Anywhere dark or where there’s food
  • In plain sight

Types of Cockroaches We Eliminate

GreenHow’s cockroach pest control handles Boston’s most common cockroaches, including:

American Cockroaches

American cockroaches are among the largest household roaches. They’re reddish-brown in color and are common throughout Boston. Other names include the palmetto bug and water bug.

German Cockroaches

The most common cockroach species, the German cockroach has two dark parallel bands running down its back. It’s also called the croton bug.

Brown-Banded Cockroaches

This smaller species of cockroach is recognized by its two light-brown bands across its abdomen and wings. They are commonly found in kitchens and can reproduce quickly.

Oriental Cockroaches

These dark-colored cockroaches live in damp places, such as sewers and basements. They’re known to infest homes and businesses and can be difficult to get rid of.

Why trust GreenHow with your Cockroach Removal?

Beginning cockroach removal at the first signs of intrusion is imperative. Cockroaches carry many diseases, fungi, viruses, and allergens that could impact your health. Cockroaches can also produce as many as 200-300 offspring per year, which can make cockroach removal more difficult the longer you wait.

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Ongoing Cockroach Prevention Plans

GreenHow helps you keep your home pest-free with ongoing prevention before an infestation begins. Choose from monthly, bi-monthly- or quarterly cockroach prevention plans and reduce any chance encounters with this common pest.

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Safely Eliminate & Prevent Cockroaches

We offer cockroach pest control for residential and commercial needs. All of our methods are designed to have a low impact on people, pets, and the environment. When we do need to use pesticides, we choose treatments that will maximize results while minimizing any impact on your home or business.

We are the ONLY pest control provider in Boston with both Green Shield and Green Pro certifications. Our technicians receive training and education at Purdue University and have the knowledge and expertise to take care of your cockroach removal safely and effectively.

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Your Local Boston Cockroach Eliminators

GreenHow is your locally owned, family-operated pest control company in Boston. We aim to provide highly effective cockroach control in as few visits and treatments as possible while protecting your home, business, and the planet. We stand by our 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Call us today for a free estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cockroaches

Still have questions? Contact us or refer to our FAQ.

Why do I have cockroaches in my home?

Cockroaches can enter your home through tiny openings or attach themselves to your clothing, suitcase, or backpack. If they find food, water, and shelter, they’ll stick around for a while. Making your home inhospitable to cockroaches can help you get rid of them.

What are the signs of cockroaches?

Aside from seeing cockroaches, you might notice small droppings that look like pepper flakes, foul smells, shed skins, or brown smear marks where the walls meet the floors.

How can I prevent cockroaches?

Storing your food in airtight containers, cleaning your home, sealing any holes or cracks, and removing hiding places within your home are all effective cockroach preventatives.