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Spider Removal, Elimination & Extermination in Boston, MA

Spider Control Services in Boston, MA

GreenHow is the #1 choice for spider and pest control and extermination services in Boston. We are the only pest control company in the area with both the Green Shield and Green Pro certifications. All of our treatment materials are low impact and environmentally, helping to protect people, pets, property, and the planet. Get an estimate today!

Defend Your Home or Business from Spiders

Despite their benefits to the ecosystem, spiders are a nuisance to everyone. These unsightly visitors could cause others to form a bad impression of your business or make your home look uncared for. They’ve also been known to trigger significant feelings of fear, called arachnophobia.

Putting spiders in their place is what we do best. Let our experts handle the dirty work of ridding your residential or commercial property of spiders so you can reclaim your space.

Common Spiders We Treat

GreenHow technicians have seen it all and offer proven treatments for common spiders, including:

Garden Spiders

Garden spiders, sometimes called orb weavers or writing spiders, are large and beautiful. They look scarier than they are — their venom isn’t poisonous, but the bite could hurt and cause minor swelling.

Yellow Sac Spiders

Almost completely yellow in color, these spiders produce a sac of silk each day, which they use for their beds. These spiders are venomous and are known to bite.

Wolf Spiders

These large brown hunting spiders have black stripes along their backs and are typically solitary. They spend most of their time underground but may also enter homes or buildings.

Black Widows

Among the most dangerous types of spider, the Black Widow poses a serious risk to people and pets. Their venom is highly toxic, and while they don’t bite unless they feel threatened, it’s best to keep these spiders as far away as possible.

Barn Spiders

Barn spiders are yellow and brown and have stripes on their legs. This common orb weaver is more aggressive toward other spiders than humans.

Brown Recluse

The brown recluse is recognizable by a fiddle-like shape on its back. These spiders are venomous and can cause serious skin damage if bitten, which usually requires medical attention.

Cellar Spiders

Cellar spiders have long, wispy legs and love to hide in basements. They are not venomous or dangerous to people; they’re more of an annoyance.

House Spiders

Common house spiders typically pose no harm to humans or pets. They do have venom in their fangs, but their fangs are tiny, and the amount of venom expressed is minimal.

Our Spider Control Solutions

GreenHow technicians will visit your home or property to do a thorough inspection for spider activity. We’ll explore the inside and outside of the property to identify the types of spiders you have and how to best approach the problem.

Spider issues are always managed, not eliminated. Depending on the type of spider and the severity of the issue, we will need to perform multiple treatments over the course of several months. With each visit, our technicians will remove any spider webs, perform an inspection and service, and document specific places to follow up on the next visit.

Ongoing Spider Prevention Plans

Your pest problem isn’t one size fits all, and neither is our service to you. In addition to custom spider control services, we offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly ongoing prevention plans to keep your property spider-free.

Professional Spider Pest Control with GreenHow

For the best spider pest control service, GreenHow has you covered. We are a locally owned and operated family pest control company focused on eco-friendly solutions for our neighbors here in Boston. Our Purdue University-trained technicians are the best in the industry, and we stand ready with our 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Get a free estimate today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Spiders

Still have questions? Check our FAQ or connect with a GreenHow expert today.

Why are there spiders in my home?

Spiders enter homes seeking food and shelter. They can enter through tiny openings, including around doors, windows, via cracks, and vents.

How to prevent spiders from coming inside?

Sealing your home is a great defense against spiders. Add caulk around components running between the inside and outside. Repair torn window screens. Decluttering your home will also give spiders fewer places to hide.

What to do if you see spiders in your home?

The most effective way to get rid of spiders is to take a two pronged approach. First, reduce vegetation against the structure outside and second, but more important, vacuum thoroughly inside around where every spider is seen. You will be removing eggs, egg sacs and spiderlings you may not even be able to see.

Is the treatment safe for kids?

GreenHow’s spider pest control materials are selected for efficacy with the least toxicity to non-target organisms like people and pets. You and your family can remain in the home during and after treatment without worry. We will tell you if you to leave for anything we do.

Is the treatment safe for pets?

GreenHow’s spider pest control materials are selected for efficacy with the least toxicity to non-target organisms like people and pets. There is no need to remove your pet from the home during a spider treatment. We will tell you if we need you to remove your pets.