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PestSensor is an innovative solution to the ongoing problem of how to monitor pest activity without having someone go and look at each trap and device.  The sensor can detect activity as small as a second instar cockroach and as large as a raccoon.  By placing sensors near areas pests are suspected or inside pest monitors and traps, Greenhow technicians know when and what areas need attention.  Focusing on the highest activity areas allows our team to deal with the specific troublesome locations.

Residential and Commercial PestSensor

Residential PestSensor

GreenHow specializes in helping homeowners and renters with a wide variety of pest control problems.  At residential sites, PestSensor is used in inside in termite monitoring stations or outside in exterior rodent trapping stations to monitor when rats are trapped. Using PestSensor in a rodent trap allows sites that are sensitive to rodenticide an effective way to deal with rats.  The traps stay effective because the PestSensor lets Greenhow technicians know when to come empty and update the trap.

Commercial PestSensor

For any business, pest activity can be very damaging. Today’s environment where cameras are ubiquitous, makes the unfortunate arrival of a pest a moment that may be recorded and shared with others, to your detriment.  Regulators and inspectors want to make sure you have plans in place to protect your customers by preventing pests.  Greenhow is here to help.  PestSensor monitors pest activity stations inside insect monitors, inside rodent traps, even on rodent runways or outside in exterior rodent trapping stations to monitor when rats are trapped.  Technician time is focused on the problem areas that the data from PestSensor provides.  Over time the data history from PestSensor ensures that integrated pest management service improves the quality of the facility be decreasing pest activity.

PestSensor – How it works

PestSensor is a small network connected device that detects motion around it and motion to it.  It is small enough to fit inside typical pest control traps and monitors.  First the device is set up with the type of monitor its used with when a Greenhow technician installs it.  In a rodent trap, the device is set to be sensitive to the motion of the trap.  In an insect monitor, the device sensitivity is much lower, allowing it to detect the presence of small insects.  For large wildlife in traps, the sensor is set to be less sensitive.  Then the PestSensor collects and transmits data about pest activity.

The difference with PestSensor is clear.  Its connected to a network that communicates to the Greenhow team when the monitored device needs attention.  PestSensor records data to track historical information about the location.  Areas with the highest pest pressure and activity get priority attention.

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Boston Local, Cured My Ant Problem

I have kids and pets so I wanted to avoid the crazy chemicals while still getting rid of the ants that had raided the cat food bowl and then made them selves at home in our bathroom. GreenHow was easy to deal with, prompt, and quickly found the source of my ant problem… and got rid of the ants. They are now my pest control company of choice!
– Michael K., Arlington, MA

I now have a go-to exterminator!

They came out very quickly (one business day from when I called), were thorough in their investigation, and gave us an incredibly reasonable quote for pest control for other “guests” that we have like carpenter ants.  I was very surprised at their low initial and quarterly costs compared to their high level of service and commitment to using natural products.
– Kathy R., Woburn, MA

Great Service - Super Smart.

Sean Grenhow has without doubt the best of business ethics. He came on time.  He was intrepid in finding the problem, did a thorough search, gave me lots of information – and good news- charged me not one penny and left after a good 20-25 minutes.  I recommend him and his extremely knowledgeable service wholeheartedly.
– Alexandra H., Newton, MA

Honest and Smart

…the best experience of my life in calling an exterminator.  Sean is a great guy.  Honest.  Avoids toxins.  Smart.  GreenHow is what you should want to deal with pests.
– Max, Cambridge, MA