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Your family deserves the best pest control service around. A local leader in pest control. The only company in Massachusetts to have both industry green certifications. An industry leading, no nonsense money back guarantee. What problem do you have that we can solve?

Pest Control

We have the solution for your pests. Let Greenhow know how put your pest issues to rest. Pest control starts with proper pest identification. Identification  starts with great training. Our technicians have the highest level of training in our industry. Training at Greenhow Pest Control goes way beyond the basic training required for state certification.

Carpenter ants in a tub frame Carpenter ants nesting in a tub frame
Termite workers
Termite workers

Termite Control

Your home is the largest investment you will ever make. Protect it from the relentless termite attack with Greenhow Termite Control. Termites feed from the inside out and use gaps as small as 1/64th of an inch to enter the structure. Effective termite control starts with a thorough inspection. Next, termite control needs a complete treatment. You can never spot treat for termites. The entire structural structure needs to be inspected and treated. Finally, success depends on consistent follow up. Annual termite inspection and monitoring will protect your property.

Lawn and Plant Health Care

Our technicians are trained to improve the health of your outdoor environment. Using the least amount of pesticides plus the proper fertility, your lawn and ornamental plants thrive. We pay attention to your lawn and ornamental trees and shrubs. The living ornamental environment outside your home adds value to your property. Your outdoor environment is a healthy space where you can relax and play with family and friends.

Dog on lawn
Dog on lawn