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Pest Control Services in Newton, MA

Pest Control Services in Newton, MA


Newton, Massachusetts is home to Greenhow Pest Control!

Newton is a suburban city about seven miles west of downtown Boston. Instead of having a single city center or business district, nearly 90 thousand people are spread across these thirteen villages:

  • Auburndale
  • West Newton
  • Newton Centre
  • Newton Corner
  • Newton Highlands
  • Newton Lower Falls
  • Newton Upper Falls
  • Newtonville
  • Nonantum
  • Oak Hill
  • Thompsonville
  • Waban
  • Chestnut Hill

Settled in 1630 as part of “the newe towne”, the city officially became Newton in 1766, and has quickly developed over the past several centuries. Today, while there are no firmly-defined borders, Newton has grown around a formation of seven hills, which is often compared to the other famous Seven Hills of Ancient Rome. While this bustling city holds historic sites and rolling hills, structured can be the targets of unwanted indoor and outdoor pests.


For many Newton residents, finding a pest control and lawn care company native to the area that can also service all thirteen villages can be a challenge. Greenhow Pest Control understands the needs of Newton residents and can offer fully-comprehensive pest control programs

  • Pest Control

    If you notice a fly in the kitchen or a carpenter ant scurrying around the floor, you might not think much about it—but the reality is that this could be the very beginning of an unwanted pest infestation. The good news? Greenhow is familiar with any pest that you might find in or around your home and can safely combat these infestations from so they don’t return.

  • Lawn Care

    A healthy lawn is something most property owners strive for—but getting one is not always as easy as it seems. Depending on your soil health and grass type, the upkeep might be more than you bargained for. Instead of spending time figuring out how to manage your lawn, leave it to the experts at Greenhow, who can promise you a full and healthy lawn for years to come.

  • Mosquito & Tick Control

    Mosquitos and ticks are major nuisances that can ruin your outdoor time. Although small, these pests have high, concentrated populations with the ability to spread several diseases. This year, it’s time to protect yourself from these unwanted creatures and let Greenhow eliminate them as a problem so that you can enjoy the outdoors again.

  • Plant Health Care

    If you don’t have the time or expertise to keep up with your plants’ health care needs, the green-thumb professionals at Greenhow Pest Control do. With professional knowledge on all-things plant care, Greenhow can keep your plants and flowers healthy for years to come. 

  • Rodent Control

    Come wintertime, many rodents like rats and mice are searching for a warm place to sleep during the colder months. Unfortunately, these pests often take shelter in homes’ attics, basements, and even the walls. If you suspect you have a rodent living in or around your property, the experts at Greenhow can safely remove them and ensure they won’t find a way back in again.

  • Termite Control

    Known as “a silent killer,” termites can be incredibly problematic once they’ve found their way inside your home. Colonies can expand and grow to the thousands in just a few years, putting your home’s structural integrity and safety at risk. Greenhow can conduct a simple termite inspection that can recognize termites’ presence and develop a plan to eliminate them completely.


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