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Pest Control Services in Brookline, MA


Before Brookline blossomed into what it is today, it began as a tiny village in Boston called Muddy River. Today, it’s called “home” by around 64,200 residents and is the most populous municipality with a town form of government in Massachusetts. 

Brookline sits south of Boston and borders the Charles River. This city is now home to plenty of arts and cultural events and historical sights. 

The area is also a cultural hub to Jewish and Irish communities, so there’s no shortage of diverse eateries, with local favorites being Zaftigs Delicatessen and Grainne O’Malley’s.

Locals enjoy the ease of transportation and mix of suburban-urban neighborhoods, as this area was one of the earliest to integrate streetcar systems around Boston.

Whether you want to enjoy a Saturday night touring the John F. Kennedy National Historic Site, a show at the Coolidge Corner Theater, or a summer visit to the Brookline Farmers Market, Brookline is an ideal community for young professionals and families alike.

But because of Brookline’s location on the Charles River and nearby inland bodies of water, including Brookline Reservoir Park and Jamaica Pond, residents are no strangers to the variety of unwanted pests like termites and rodents that make their way into homes and businesses. When this happens, it’s time to call the experts at Greenhow.


If you live in Brookline and have started noticing one too many pests in or around your home, it’s time to contact the pest control professionals at Greenhow. Don’t wait until pest problems get out of control. As a Boston-based company, there’s nothing in Brookline that Greenhow can’t handle. Learn more about our services today.

  • Pest Control

    Whether it’s something as simple as a house centipede or as complicated as a colony of ants invading your kitchen, you need experienced pest control professionals that know how to identify all entry points and problem sources.

    The experts at Greenhow are thorough when it comes to rooting out pests, but we also use safe and effective treatments. Our pest control services include a combination of chemical and non-chemical treatments.

  • Lawn Care

    Your house isn’t the only thing that needs pest control: Your lawn needs it, too. You want to be sure that your property is always pest-free and at its best with routine care.

    Your lawn needs watering and sunshine. To help it stay vibrant, let the green thumb professionals at Greenhow ensure the soil has healthy pH and nutrient levels.

  • Mosquito & Tick Control

    One of the greatest parts about living in Brookline is enjoying summer activities like beach days, hanging out in the backyard, or attending the farmers’ market.

    But when summertime comes around, so do nuisances like pests and mosquitoes — which is why it’s essential to get your property treated for mosquitoes and ticks every summer season.

  • Plant Health Care

    Garden pests like slugs, beetles, and mites are common throughout Brookline, but they can be extremely hard to combat since many come out at night. So if you’ve noticed yellowing plants with bitten leaves, your garden needs effective treatment that can repel pests all year long.

  • Rodent Control

    The Norway rat, house mouse, deer mouse, and the white-footed mouse are common around the New England area, but they become problematic when the cooler months come around. These rodents seek warm shelter in heated homes and will do just about anything to get inside.

    But removing rodents is best left to professionals, and the Greenhow team can identify entry points and remove any populations with ease.

  • Termite Control

    Termites are among the most common yet dangerous and frustrating pests that households and businesses experience. Unfortunately, they’re easy to miss since they build nests inside property walls, meaning that they can go unnoticed for years.

    That’s why property owners need to get their homes surveyed every year for potential populations before any real damage occurs.


At GreenHow Pest Control we take pride in our work, our professionalism, and the level of service we provide. Our strongest advertising is our loyal and satisfied customers. We are not happy until you, our customer are, and we go the extra mile because we treat you and your family the way we would like to be treated. Listen to what other people have to say! Read about us on review sites like ContactUs Reviews. Check us out on other review sites like Yelp.

What our customers have to say about GreenHow:

Boston Local, Cured My Ant Problem

I have kids and pets so I wanted to avoid the crazy chemicals while still getting rid of the ants that had raided the cat food bowl and then made them selves at home in our bathroom. GreenHow was easy to deal with, prompt, and quickly found the source of my ant problem… and got rid of the ants. They are now my pest control company of choice!
– Michael K., Arlington, MA

I now have a go-to exterminator!

They came out very quickly (one business day from when I called), were thorough in their investigation, and gave us an incredibly reasonable quote for pest control for other “guests” that we have like carpenter ants.  I was very surprised at their low initial and quarterly costs compared to their high level of service and commitment to using natural products.
– Kathy R., Woburn, MA

Great Service - Super Smart.

Sean Grenhow has without doubt the best of business ethics. He came on time.  He was intrepid in finding the problem, did a thorough search, gave me lots of information – and good news- charged me not one penny and left after a good 20-25 minutes.  I recommend him and his extremely knowledgeable service wholeheartedly.
– Alexandra H., Newton, MA

Honest and Smart

…the best experience of my life in calling an exterminator.  Sean is a great guy.  Honest.  Avoids toxins.  Smart.  GreenHow is what you should want to deal with pests.
– Max, Cambridge, MA