Denis Lubega - GreenHow Pest and Termite Control Boston

Denis Lubega

Termite Service Manager

Denis joined Greenhow in the fall of 2016 after years of working in another industry. He is a dedicated professional who works in all areas of the business. Denis works in Pest & Termite Control. A dedicated Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Practitioner he works in many residential and commercial accounts to prevent issues from occurring and remediate issues that develop.

In 2020, Denis accepted the role of Termite Service Manager. He has extensive knowledge and experience in all types of wood-destroying insects and organisms. He performs Annual Termite Inspections. Denis also completes liquid and bait termite services, and powderpost beetle and BoraCare services.

Licenses & Certifications:
Denis holds a Massachusetts Pesticide Applicator License (Core). He has successfully completed the Purdue University Pest Management Technology Course. He is currently enrolled in the Purdue University Termite Control Technology Course. He has successfully completed the GreenPro Exam. He attends monthly and annual training courses.