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Residential Pest Control Services

Pest Programs for Places People Live

Realizing you have a problem is the first step.

Pest control where you live can be a little nerve wracking.  First, you acknowledge you have animals sharing your space that are not pets and need to leave.  Second, you have to decide to try to get rid of them on your own or enlist help.  On your own you seek out advice online from a YouTube specialist or from the hardware store or big box store associate who may know less about pests than any other item in the store.   Or you can reach out to family and friends for help, until you realize that then your family and friend’s will know you have a pest problem.

Reach out to us.

We have heard and seen nearly everything pest related.  Try us.  We offer simple standard service plans designed to give our customers a great value.  Your peace of mind is important to us.  We price from a standard rate card, have simple to understand services and policies.  That means doing business with Greenhow is easy.

  • Inspect

    The flashlight is the most important tool for a pest control inspection.  We need to look at the areas you have noticed pests, and the areas we know pests like to live, feed and breed.

  • Communicate

    We will communicate our service plan to let you know what we will do, when we will do it, and what it will cost.

  • Time to get to work

    We will implement our solutions and let you know what steps we need you to take to make our integrated pest management plan work.

  • Best Guarantee

    Hiring Greenhow is risk free.  We have the best guarantee in the business.  Your satisfaction or your money back!  All we care about are happy customers.

Residential Pest Control

Identify, then Destroy

Let’s have a look.

The foundation of a pest control solution is identifying the pest correctly.  Show us what you have.  You can text or email a picture of your pest, or share it with us on social media.  Inspections from us are usually free, the sole exception being a bank required Wood Destroying Insect Report (WDIR).  All those options make it easy to figure out what the pest issue is.  Then we can let you know how our Integrated Pest Management services can solve your pest problems.

Pest Control Service Plans

Every other month is the standard pest control service cycle for detached single family residences.  Integrated pest management inspection and service performed for most pests.

This service every three months is great for detached single family home sites with low pest pressure.  Not for customers with rodents or spider issues.

For customers with heavy rodent pressure, for rat customers or any residential building with more than one unit.