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Pest Control in The Port, MA


The Port — also called Old Port or Area 4 — is a bustling neighborhood in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Thanks to the nearby Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus, it’s also home to many tech workers and students.

And although it’s primarily a residential neighborhood, with around 7,000 people living here, there is no shortage of things to do in The Port. 

Some of the most frequented spots in The Port are:

  • Lamplighter Brewing Company, which specializes in serving craft beers in a cafe-like atmosphere
  • Mu Lan, a Taiwanese restaurant with vegetarian-friendly dishes
  • Cafe Luna, a cozy cafe with coffee, tea, breakfast, and lunch options

The Port is somewhat young, so it’s not uncommon to see new shops and eateries popping up throughout the area. It wasn’t until the late 1800s that The Port came into existence — the neighborhood was built after part of the Charles River was landfilled. 

Because of its proximity to the Charles River and the re-establishment of older buildings in the area, many property owners are no stranger to common pests.


Pests are common everywhere, but that doesn’t mean you have to constantly deal with them. If you notice signs of a pest issue or are worried about an infestation, Greenhow Pest Control can help. As natives of the Boston area, our team knows how to identify and eradicate any infestation, so you can live and work worry-free.

  • Pest Control

    Ants, crickets, and centipedes are common in the Cambridge area — but no matter the type of pest, the last thing you want is to see them in or around your home. Whether you see one or a dozen scurrying about your property, call the pest control experts at Greenhow today.

  • Termite Control

    Termites are any homeowner’s worst nightmare. They are small, breed into the thousands, and quietly chew away at your home’s infrastructure for years, costing hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs by the time most people finally notice their presence.

    That’s why it’s essential to get your home surveyed every year by a termite control expert. The team at Greenhow will inspect your property for termites and eliminate any problems.

  • Mosquito & Tick Control

    One of the most frustrating parts about living on the Charles River is that surrounding towns get humid, which attracts mosquitoes and ticks. The worst thing about these pests is that they have the potential to carry dangerous illnesses like West Nile virus and Lyme disease.

    Be sure to get your property treated every spring or summer to keep these pests at bay.

  • Plant Health Care

    You work hard to keep your plants healthy, but what do you do when they yellow and wilt no matter how much you water and care for them?

    The culprit is often treatable, whether it’s down to nutrient problems or pests munching on your plant leaves throughout the day. However, plants are delicate and require special care, which is why you should reach out to the pros at Greenhow — we’re experts in all things plant care.

  • Rodent Control

    Rodents like rats and mice are usually harmless from afar. But when they make your home theirs, it’s an entirely different story. They can spread diseases like salmonella, and with their constantly-growing incisor teeth, they can destroy your home’s infrastructure and wiring.

    Unfortunately, getting rid of pests like these is no easy task if you don’t have the right tools, treatments, and pest knowledge. That’s why it’s a task best left to the pest control experts at Greenhow.


At GreenHow Pest Control we take pride in our work, our professionalism and the level of service we provide. Our strongest advertising is our loyal and satisfied customer. We are not happy until you our customer are and we go the extra mile because we treat you and your family they way we would like to be treated. Listen to what other people have to say! Read about us on review sites like ContactUs Reviews. Check us out on other review sites like Yelp.

What our customers have to say about GreenHow:

Boston Local, Cured My Ant Problem

I have kids and pets so I wanted to avoid the crazy chemicals while still getting rid of the ants that had raided the cat food bowl and then made them selves at home in our bathroom. GreenHow was easy to deal with, prompt, and quickly found the source of my ant problem… and got rid of the ants. They are now my pest control company of choice!
– Michael K., Arlington, MA

I now have a go-to exterminator!

They came out very quickly (one business day from when I called), were thorough in their investigation, and gave us an incredibly reasonable quote for pest control for other “guests” that we have like carpenter ants.  I was very surprised at their low initial and quarterly costs compared to their high level of service and commitment to using natural products.
– Kathy R., Woburn, MA

Great Service - Super Smart.

Sean Grenhow has without doubt the best of business ethics. He came on time.  He was intrepid in finding the problem, did a thorough search, gave me lots of information – and good news- charged me not one penny and left after a good 20-25 minutes.  I recommend him and his extremely knowledgeable service wholeheartedly.
– Alexandra H., Newton, MA

Honest and Smart

…the best experience of my life in calling an exterminator.  Sean is a great guy.  Honest.  Avoids toxins.  Smart.  GreenHow is what you should want to deal with pests.
– Max, Cambridge, MA