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Pest Control Services in North Brookline, MA


North Brookline is considered one of the most densely-populated areas around Boston with more than 20,000 residents per square mile. The neighborhood is home to college students and families in a suburban-urban mix of century-old homes and converted apartment buildings. 

North Brookline was once separated from the rest of the area by two small rivers. The northern river, Smelt Brook, separated it from Brighton, while the southern river, Muddy River, separated it from Boston.

North Brookline sits between Packard’s Corner and the Cottage Farm Historic District with close access to Longwood, Coolidge Corner, Corey Hill, and Allston.

Locals enjoy the proximity to Harvard Avenue, which is home to plenty of restaurants, parks, art events, and historical sites like 83 Beals Street, where President John F. Kennedy was born, and the Brookline Booksmith, one of the area’s most well-known independent bookstores.

North Brookline residents can also attend annual events like the Coolidge Corner Art Festival, the Brookline Farmers Market, or unlimited shows at the Coolidge Corner Theater.

North Brookline is well-liked for its charming, tree-lined streets and older homes. Unfortunately, with this environment, residents are no stranger to persistent pests, which tend to make their way inside of houses and businesses through decades-old cracks and crevices. The good news is that Greenhow’s got your back.


No matter the type or time of year, you shouldn’t have to deal with pests in or around your home. Using organic, green, and low-impact solutions, Greenhow administers effective methods that are safe for everyone in the family, including children and pets. Learn more about our services today.

  • Pest Control

    Pest infestations are among the most frustrating things to deal with as a property owner. Small insects like ants, centipedes, and crickets make their way inside through the smallest of cracks in your doors, windows, and foundations.

    Unfortunately, it’s challenging to identify these entry points, but the pros at Greenhow can do so with ease.

  • Lawn Care

    Everybody wants a beautiful lawn, but getting one is a whole different story. Lawns are finicky and require routine care to stay healthy, which is nearly impossible to do on your own if you have underlying issues like nutrient imbalances or silent pest infestations.

    Since these problems can be hard to identify, save some time and leave the hard work to the lawn care pros at Greenhow.

  • Mosquito & Tick Control

    Mosquitoes and ticks are among the most irritable pests, but they can also pose significant health risks to pets, children, and adults alike. With diseases like West Nile and Lyme, your family needs to avoid these insects as much as possible.

    To stay safe, the best thing you can do is get your property treated once per summer season to keep these pests at bay.

  • Plant Health Care

    Your home isn’t the only thing that needs pest prevention: Your plants and garden do too. Common outdoor pests like slugs, beetles, crickets, and tiny mites live in Massachusetts soils, but combatting these issues without harming your plants can be tricky.

    Greenhow uses effective yet safe treatments to ensure pests like these stay away, so your plants can thrive.

  • Rodent Control

    Mice and rats love to find shelter in warm spaces like homes and office buildings. So even if you think your home is safe from these elusive pests, you might be surprised to learn that they will do just about anything to make their way indoors — especially during the cold fall and winter months.

    Once they find their way inside, getting rid of them can be difficult. Identifying entry points and removing these destructive pests is best left to the experts at Greenhow.

  • Termite Control

    Termites are known as the home’s silent killer. That’s because termite colonies can build-up for years without creating any obvious signs of damage. These insects can multiply into thousands before you realize something is wrong.

    Termites love to chew on wood, and these populations often live in between home walls. This is why it’s crucial to have an expert survey your home for any potential infestations before any real damage occurs.


At GreenHow Pest Control we take pride in our work, our professionalism, and the level of service we provide. Our strongest advertising is our loyal and satisfied customers. We are not happy until you, our customer are, and we go the extra mile because we treat you and your family the way we would like to be treated. Listen to what other people have to say! Read about us on review sites like ContactUs Reviews. Check us out on other review sites like Yelp.

What our customers have to say about GreenHow:

Boston Local, Cured My Ant Problem

I have kids and pets so I wanted to avoid the crazy chemicals while still getting rid of the ants that had raided the cat food bowl and then made them selves at home in our bathroom. GreenHow was easy to deal with, prompt, and quickly found the source of my ant problem… and got rid of the ants. They are now my pest control company of choice!
– Michael K., Arlington, MA

I now have a go-to exterminator!

They came out very quickly (one business day from when I called), were thorough in their investigation, and gave us an incredibly reasonable quote for pest control for other “guests” that we have like carpenter ants.  I was very surprised at their low initial and quarterly costs compared to their high level of service and commitment to using natural products.
– Kathy R., Woburn, MA

Great Service - Super Smart.

Sean Grenhow has without doubt the best of business ethics. He came on time.  He was intrepid in finding the problem, did a thorough search, gave me lots of information – and good news- charged me not one penny and left after a good 20-25 minutes.  I recommend him and his extremely knowledgeable service wholeheartedly.
– Alexandra H., Newton, MA

Honest and Smart

…the best experience of my life in calling an exterminator.  Sean is a great guy.  Honest.  Avoids toxins.  Smart.  GreenHow is what you should want to deal with pests.
– Max, Cambridge, MA