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Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions is the integration of different techniques and strategies to control pests. Physical trapping or removal of pests, environmental changes and exclusion are examples of strategies that are combined with pesticide application to successfully solve pest problems. The goal of IPM is to eliminate regular pesticide applications based on the calendar and reduce the amount of pesticides applied by using them only when and where they are needed.

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  • Identification

    The most important part of any pest control service is to correctly identify the type of pest you are dealing with and get an idea of the size (scope) of the issue. Since most pests are constantly on the move from one area to another, try to save a sample or take a picture if you can get close enough. If you see evidence of the pest like droppings, chew marks, insect wings, try to leave them undisturbed until an inspector has had a chance to do an initial assessment. If you must pick them up, use a glove or paper towel to protect your hand and save them for the inspector in a zip lock bag.

  • Inspection

    Once your pest has been identified, we conduct an interior and exterior inspection to assess the level of activity and potential areas of damage. During the inspection we want to know about your tolerance level as it relates to having the pest in and around your home. If you have called a professional for help you have reached your “action threshold.” We also want to know if you have preferences for the different types of control methods we may employ. It will help us create a pest control service strategy that meets your needs.

  • Service Plans

    We offer different levels of core services, and different service frequencies that may be possible for each level of service, and will be determined by many factors. The type of pest, level of activity, site of infestation, tolerance level, type of property, and pest history of the property are all examples of factors that will determine the service frequency recommended by a Greenhow team member.

  • Follow-up Inspections

    Only a few pests can be dealt with a one-time service, those are yellow jacket and wasp nests and fleas.  All others require some type of follow up service to be effective.  We will schedule a follow up services as part of our planned pest management service to gauge the effectiveness of our strategy and execution. Follow up service inspections are the most important part of pest control service to make sure existing issues are managed and future issues minimized.

Residential and Commercial Pest Control

Residential Pest Control

GreenHow specializes in helping home owners and renters with a wide variety of pest control problems. From ants and beetles to mice and moths we are here to help you – – and do it in a manner that will not endanger you, your family or your pets.

Commercial Pest Control Services

In your business, pests can be very damaging. Today’s environment where cameras are ubiquitous, makes the unfortunate arrival of a pest a moment that may be recorded and shared with others, to your detriment. We have service a wide variety of commercial facilities including: Multi Family, Food Service, Restaurants, Bakery, Food Processing, Warehousing, Office and Industrial.

Pest Management – To Keep Them Away For Good

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Greenhow Pest Management (GPM) is a comprehensive approach to pest control, which emphasizes structural, environmental, biological, and mechanical methods to prevent pest populations from developing. This requires constant monitoring, and thorough inspections inside and outside of the structure to identify and remedy pest-conducive conditions prior to an infestation occurring. Greenhow Pest Management is the logical extension of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which is also a comprehensive approach to pest control, which relies on inside and outside inspections to identify and prevent possible pest infestations.

The difference with Greenhow Pest Management is when a pest control material is needed, the preferred material is from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative. Click here for further information regarding EPA Reduced Risk Pestcides’( The focus of GPM & IPM are on using a combination of non-chemical and chemical treatments to control pest populations and prevent re-infestation. We recommend a GPM service frequency that meets your needs for our residential customers to ensure constant monitoring and prevention techniques.

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Norwood, MA
I have been using Greenhow for about 8 months now. Haven't seen a carpenter ants or mouse since! Great friendly service, highly recommended if you're have any pest problems.
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Belmont, MA
We have been using Greenhow for several Years. They provide excellent service and are always very responsive.
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Weston, MA
Dennis was great! He was very thorough and spent time explaining where the moths lay their eggs and what they eat so we can help with prevention in between visits. He also spent a lot of time cleaned the bottom of our closets to get rid of lint, etc. Can I request Denis as our technician in the future??
Posted on: via ContactUs Reviews

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