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Our Guarantee

We value your trust and the opportunity to service your home:
Your satisfaction is guaranteed or you get your last service charge refunded, and we fix the problem.
A simple phone call (or email, or letter, if you prefer) is all that is needed to utilize our guarantee.

Isn't it time to go green?


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Our Ecological Commitment

At our offices, on the road, we commit to reducing the amount of resources it takes to bring solutions to you. That means eliminating paper use wherever possible, cutting electric and fuel consumption. That means designing service routes that are as efficient as possible and using the most fuel efficient service vehicles with alternative fuels if available. It also means making your green life simpler, by offering a simple fluorescent bulb disposal program and by setting up your family’s composting program. Whether we are in our office or your home, our commitment is to save resources and source supplies locally.

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