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Rodent Entryways

This image is looking up below a deck at a corner in the foundation. Mice expanded an existing seam where the cut wood and concrete foundation was not flush. The grease (sebum) marks are from the hair (fur) of the mice passing through repeatedly. The ground below is littered with eaten acorns. Mirrors are essential […]

Fall Plant Health Care – Horticultural Oil

The Hemlock below has the woolly masses of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid eggs between the needles or leaves pictured in the photo.  Severe infestations resemble snow.  Dormant oil or Fall Horticultural oil applications to your plants has many benefits.  For hemlocks, the oil application suffocates hemlock woolly adelgid. Oils are effective controls of many plant pests. Advantages […]

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Grass Carrying Wasps

Grass carrying wasps, A solitary wasp, packs a small cavity such as around a window or storm window frame with grass, stings a grasshopper or other bug and lays her egg inside. Her hatched egg feeds on the insect and grows up to build a pupae casing in the grass nest created by its mother. […]

A flock of crows attacks a lawn

A flock of crows on the lawn or animals rolling back sections like the lawn is carpet.  Grub damage in the shows up as brownish areas that are often attacked by animals who feed on the grubs.  Grubs can be reduced by an application in the spring with a material that will be in the […]

Valentine’s Day Lovebug

  The Lovebug is a small black fly that is common in areas of South, Central and Gulf Coast North America.  The male and female Lovebugs are known for their large swarms twice a year.  Lovebugs will mate and remain attached for days, even in flight, leading to their name.  These bugs are unfortunately attracted […]


Consumer Information Bulletins

Each year we mail and email the Massachusetts Consumer Information Bulletins for pest control, termite control, lawn care and plant health care to all our active customers.If you did not receive one, or would like another copy, please follow this link to the Pesticide Consumer Information Bulletin web page. Sean GreenhowGreenhow, Inc

Santa Fe Warranty Increasing

The reason we sell Santa Fe dehumidifiers from Thermastor is the great customer service.  They just increased the warranty to 6 years on their dehumidifiers, the best in the industry. A great machine that removes twice the water at 1/5 of the power of a appliance store machineAND it operates at low temperatures typically found […]