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Citronella Ants – Fall ant swarms

On nice sunny fall days we get calls for flying ants, often suspected as termites, inside homes or adjacent to them. Inside they are often in the basement near a furnace.  Usually the culprit is:  Citronella Ants.  Crushing the ant between your fingers will release the characteristic odor of citronella that gives this ant its […]


To the right you will see a section of bamboo floor with beetle exit holes marked with red circles. The large oblong circle also covers a difficult to see powderpost beetle frass. This was found by the owner of a Boston condo in a 6 unit 5 year old building. Traditionally, the treatment options were […]

Little Black Ants-In Winter

Its the middle of winter and you are seeing little black ants.  In Metro Boston, we see Pavement ants and White Footed ants showing up inside, especially in kitchens and finished basements and also around fireplaces and furnaces.  The solution is simple, clean the areas of food, and use an appropriate bait along the ant […]


Keeping Rodents Out

If you see mouse droppings, or a mouse, it is time to take action:  Trap, Block, & Clean Up. Trap:  Set up traps inside. If you are uncertain where your mice may be, focus on warm areas, like under the refrigerator where the compressor keeps the area warm. Block:  Try to block mice from getting in. […]

January is the month for catching up

January is the month for catching up with cleaning, organizing, blogging.  The space after the hectic end of year allows time for planning the new year and organizing to make sure those plans happen.How many times do you think about taking advantage of the change in the calendar to make changes to your environment? Clean […]

National Houseplant January 10

Celebrate National Houseplant Day on January 10th by buying a houseplant from your local florist.   Remember to rotate your houseplants so they get light evenly on all sides. -Lauren Greenhow, General Manager, GreenHow, Inc.GreenHow.com. Effective Organic and Low Impact Solutions, Lawn Care, Pest Control and Termite Control in Newton and Metro Boston.

Winter Moth is Active

Adult Winter Moth Early this morning winter moth males were seen flying around lights in metro Boston in Belmont, Watertown and Newton.  This moth will mate and the female who cannot fly will lay her eggs in the cracks of bark on trees.  Those eggs will hatch in the spring and the larva will climb […]

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Sentricon HD Bait now is patented.

Termites active in Sentricon AG (above ground) station. Dow announced that Recruit HD bait was given a patent.  They credit the rapid adoption of the HD bait in helping get patent protection.  We switched all our existing bait stations to HD as soon as it was available and unlike other companies that offer ESP and […]

2016 University of Massachusetts Garden Calendar

They are here and ready to go out!  Let us know if you are interested a free copy of the calendar from us while supplies last.  Follow this link to the UMASS Garden Calendar page for more information or to get a copy if we are out of the free ones. -Lauren Greenhow, General Manager, […]