Time to aerate your lawn

Time to aerate your lawn. Run your irrigation system first and mark any heads that could be damaged by aeration. Then aerate & overseed your lawn. This opens up the root zone for air, water and nutrients to penetrate and stimulate growth.  The best time to aerate is August 15th to September 20th to allow plenty of time for seed germination and establishment before the weather cools and the grass hardens off for winter.  Water several days prior to aerating to open up the soil.  After aerating and seeding continue to water enough to keep the seed wet.

Biopesticide for BedBugs

A unique new material is now available.  In development for the past 4 years, this biopesticide kills bedbugs that cross a small treated area and impacts the other bedbugs by transferring the fungus to them when it goes to a harborage.  Bedbugs are gregarious and harbor together which improves the effectiveness of this material because the bugs bring the treatment to the harborage.  This material can be used both to prevent bedbugs in a commercial setting and to remediate existing problems.  For efficacy review this link for the material Aprehend.

Fairy Ring Fungus in lawn

To the right is fairy ring fungus in a lawn.  This is the least severe or Type III Fairy Ring.  Making sure the lawn is fertilized regularly, aerate and overseed, and irrigate lawn to maintain soil moisture.  This fungus gets is name from the circle of mushrooms (children were told they appeared because fairies danced there).  A fungicide application may be appropriate and is best applied in subsequent years as a prevention for impacted lawns.