UMASS Newsletter Horticulture Resources

Mid January is here, New England Grows will be in 3 weeks, and after that, the spring always seems to arrive sooner than I think.  This is a good time to sign up for one or both of University of Massachusetts Extension Service Newsletters.  For homeowners, the Garden Clippings is a great resource from March to October with eight monthly newsletters.  Topics include when and what to scout for in the garden, times to plant or do maintenance tasks, current pest or disease issues.  For professionals, the Hort Notes is a great resource that comes in sixteen newsletters, twice a month, March to October with great details on planting and pruning.  They are available at this link to the UMASS Amherst Extension web site.

-Lauren Greenhow, General Manager, GreenHow, Inc. Effective Organic and Low Impact Solutions, Lawn Care, Pest Control and Termite Control in Newton and Metro Boston.