Clothes Moths

Clothes Moth Pupae Casing
Frass on floor
You can see the white pupa casing on the back of this oriental rug.  This site had clothes moths, and of 8 oriental rugs, 6 had readily visible evidence of activity.  These photos are all from the rear of the rugs or the floors beneath them.  The next photo is the hardwood floor and the grainy frass left by the larval stage feeding on the rug.
White line highlights the line the larval stage ate from the rug.

Winter Moth-Active Last Night

Winter Moth

 The moth surrounding your outside lights last night was the winter moth.  They have been active over the past few weeks and will continue to be active.  These adults are emerging from pupae casings in the soil.  The winter moth male and female will mate on a tree trunk, where the female will lay her eggs on the bark.  To protect landscape plants, including trees and shrubs, a variety of options exist, from late winter and early spring horticultural oil sprays to suffocate the eggs, to injection of a tree to kill the feeding larva, to spraying the foliage to kill the feeding larva.  For more winter moth information, contact us, or check out the Winter Moth web page at UMass.

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