2-4-6 Mouse Kit

Our 2-4-6 Mouse Trap Kit includes 12 baited snap traps paired in 6 cardboard mouse trap boxes, plus 4 feet of copper for exclusion around your home and 2 pairs of biodegradable nitrile gloves.

Contents are:

2 pairs of gloves, use gloves when handling traps or dead rodents.

4 feet of copper for exclusion, use scissors to cut copper to appropriate size and fill holes from the outside of your home.  Don’t use copper against other metals, like iron gas lines.  Go around the outside with a mirror and flashlight and fill openings you locate.  Remember mice will go under doors that don’t have tight fitting sweeps and seals and that if you have a bulkhead you need a weather tight door with a threshold at the bottom of the bulkhead stairs.  The bulkhead door is not mouse proof.


6 pairs of baited snap traps in 6 boxes.  The traps have to be set by pulling back the hammer and securing it under the straight hooked bar by placing the straight hooked bar over the hammer and under the plastic catch. You will have to raise the trigger slightly off the wood to have the bar secure in the catch.  The F side of the trigger is for a firm setting, try to use the S side which is the soft setting.

Call to get your own, or to get support to set your traps, 617-964-4733.